September 4, 2009

Ghostly Haunts #25 [1972]

Ditko does the cover to this issue, a slightly busy but effective set of horror elements to illustrate the 7-page story that he draws to close the issue, "I'll Never Leave You". Winnie the Witch is the host for this ghost yarn, as stylish and freaky as ever.

The story has newlyweds Bert and Ursula Weaver getting getting a prophecy on they honeymoon in Haiti that she will never leave his side. As we're privy to Bert's thoughts, we know he's doubtful about this, as he's already planning Ursula's murder. They return to her home, a mansion she has to keep living in to keep collecting from her family fortune, and eventually Bert goes through with his poisoning plot, but then the ghosts of the house chase away the lover he planned to run off with and he finds that Ursula still plans to spend the rest of time by his side, only as a ghost.

A serviceable but unspectacular story, the random portraits of Winnie throughout the story are a lot of fun.

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