September 29, 2009

New Ditko - DITKOMANIA #75 available

DITKOMANIA #75 is now available, with appropriately an issue devoted to Ditko's work in the year 1975, a year which saw two issues of his independent work, continuing a prolific run of stories for Charlton, the rise and fall of Atlas-Seaboard (with seven issues drawn by Ditko) and Ditko's return to DC. A nice selection of Ditko heroes on the cover at right. This is an extra-sized issue, so slightly more expensive than a regular issues, but if you subscribe you can get it for the same price as a regular issue. Ordering details over here.

Here are links to a few posts from this weblog on Ditko's 1975 work.  Expect a few more in the next little while as I'm sure this issue will lead to me pulling a few of them out for re-reading. 

The Destructor #1 [1975]
Tiger-Man #2 [1975]
Stalker #2 [1975]
Ghostly Tales #117 [1975]
Plop #16 [1975]


  1. Wow, so did you get the issue in the mail already?

  2. Yep, came in this afternoon, much quicker than I was expecting. Great looking issue.



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