September 17, 2009

Mr. A. Bibliography

Courtesy of Robin Snyder, here's a draft of an on-going attempt to document all of Ditko's Mr. A. material. Not an easy task since so much of it appeared in very low-run limited distribution fanzines, so any corrections and additions are appreciated. Most important are the publications (if any) which ran the two 1968 pieces which ran in THE DITKO COLLECTION that haven't been identified and the five fanzines from circa 1969 which have been listed in places as having Mr. A. but copies haven't been located. Also, any advertising which may have appeared for the unpublished 1990/1991 series from AAA would be interesting.

So take a look, and please feel free to pass around a link or copy of this list around to anyone you may know who collects old fanzines or rare Ditko material to see if they can fill in any of the questions or maybe even have leads to unknown Mr. A. material.

Any info can go in the comments, or contact me in the address in the sidebar, or get contact info for Robin Snyder (and ordering info on those two most recent publications with Mr. A. and much more by Ditko) over here.

Mr. A., 3rd draft

Mr. A. (5) witzend 3, 1967

Mr. A. (10) witzend 4, 1968

Mr. A. (1) c. 1968 and reprinted THE DITKO COLLECTION, p. 19, bottom right

Mr. A. (1) c. 1968 and reprinted COLLECTION, p. 20; a variation of the spot in Eon 3

Mr. A. (1) Comic Crusader 4, Dec. 1968, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 20, lower left

Mr. A. (1) Sense of Wonder 6, Dec. 1968 cover, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 19, top right

Mr. A. (1) Comic Crusader 5, Spring 1969, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 20, lower right

“The Avenging World” (10) witzend 6, Spring 1969

Mr. A.: “Violence, the Phoney Issue” Guts 5, Summer 1969

Mr. A.: “What Happens to a Man When He Refuses to Uphold the Good?” (4) Comic Crusader 6 Summer, 1969

Mr. A.: “What Happens to a Man When He Refuses to Uphold the Good?”, conclusion (4) Comic Crusader 7 Fall, 1969

Mr. A. spot Journey into Comics 5, 1969

Mr. A. (1) Eon 3, 1969

Mr. A. (1) Super Adventures 10, 1969, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 42

Mr. A. (1) published in fanzine included in k-a mailing #59, September 1969 but what is the name of that fanzine?

[Does Mr. A. appear in:
Comic Artist 6, 1969
Junk 1, 1969
Donald Campbell’s Differo 2 and 3, 1969
or Campbell’s Drift 1, 1969?]

“The Avenging World”, part 2 (8) witzend 7, Spring 1970

Mr. A. (1) The Collector 19, May 1970, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 19, bottom left

Mr. A. (1) All Stars 2, 1970, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 20, upper left

Mr. A. (5) Graphic Illusions Summer 1971
Graphic Illusions back cover, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 49
(The cover and feature listed above were originally intended for Keith Tucker’s Graphic Illustrations, 3, 1969)

Mr. A. (8) Comic Crusader 13, 1972

Mr. A.: “The Defenders” (6) Sense of Wonder 11, Spring 1972

The Collector 26, Summer 1972 wrap-around cover
Mr. A.: “When Is a Man to be Judged Evil?” (6) The Collector 26, Summer 1972

Mr. A. San Diego Comic-Con 1972 reprinted COLLECTION, p. 70

Mr. A.: “The Polluters” (1) Chronicle 3, March 1973, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 19, top left

Mr. A. (1) Quintessence 22, May 1973, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 43

Mr. A. 1973 cover
“...Right to Kill” (9) Mr. A. 1973
Mr. A. 1973 bc

Epoch 4, 1973? ifc, reprinted COLLECTION, p. 61

Mr. A. 2, 1975 cover
Mr. A.: “Count Rogue” (16) Mr. A. 2
Mr. A. (16) Mr. A. 2
Mr. A. 2 back cover

Mr. A.: “To the San Diego Con of 75” San Diego Comic-Con 1975

Mr. A.: “ the San Diego Comic-Con of 1976” San Diego Comic Con 1976

Mr. A. (10) Comic Crusader Storybook 1978

Mr. A. (1) c. 1969, The Ditko Collection, 1985; this piece is a variation of the cover to The Collector 26, 1972

Narration by Ditko, Masters of Comic Book Art 1989 (Rhino Home Video)

Ad for Mr. A. 1991?

Mr. A. (1) Sticker #1 Steve Ditko’s Mr. A. Collector’s Sticker Series #1 1991 (Allied American Artists)

Mr. A. 1-4 1990-91 [Unpublished]

Mr. A. 1, 1990 back cover The Comics! November 1999

Steve Ditko's 176-Page Package: Heroes 2000 cover
“Mr. A. and the Knifer” (30) Steve Ditko's 176-Page Package: Heroes 2000

…Ditko Continued… Jan. 2009 cover
Mr. A. (4) …Ditko Continued… Jan. 2009

Oh, No! Not Again, Ditko! March 2009 cover
Mr. A., conclusion (4) Oh, No! Not Again, Ditko! March 2009


  1. If you are going to include "Masters of Comic Book Art", which included some Mr A images, you should include J. Ross's doc as well.

    Also, didn't M. Todd issue a Mr A t-shirt?

  2. And you can delete the period after his name in the title -- Mr. A., 3rd draft

  3. I think that since the voiceover Ditko read on the Masters documentary was original, even if none of the art was, it needs to be listed (maybe a hypothetical Mr. A reprint book could include a transcript of that) while I don't think the Ross documentary had anything original by Ditko.

    I think the art on the t-shirt was the same as the first sticker ("The Toss") in the set that Mort Todd did around the same time, which is listed. Can anyone verify, and maybe recall which came first? That art was also used in at least one ad around that time. The other stickers were reprint, although maybe the last one, "The Calling Card", an image of Mr. A's own card, should be listed.

  4. I had the T-shirt and it was thje same as the first sticker. I believe they were all advertised and sold at the same time.

    Nick Caputo

  5. I am not sure if this counts but I have an 8.5 x 11 postcard that was sent as a solicitation for MR A #1. One side has a B&W version of the cover of the issue, the other side a letter from Joe Brantacelli. (Postmarked May 11, 1973 with an eight-cent Eisenhower stamp!)

  6. I'll keep that postcard in mind if expanding this to a full cross-referenced index of all printings of the Mr. A material, which I've been thinking of doing to clarify the variations on the "Avenging World" material, but since it's the exact same art as the cover and the text on the reverse (which I wouldn't mind seeing a copy of) is non-Ditko I'll leave it off this list.

  7. I'll scan and send to you -- it is not an exact copy of the cover although the change is minimal -- the 50 cent type is different and it is not in a circle as on the printed cover. The Mr A figure in the logo is slightly smaller than the printed cover.



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