September 23, 2009

Upcoming Ditko - Mr. A., new essay, What If and more

Couple of recently announced upcoming Ditko publications. The biggest news is that there's some sort of Mr. A. book coming from Ditko and Robin Snyder. No details yet on exactly what it'll contain, but no doubt news will follow soon. Snyder also informs us that his newsletter THE COMICS will feature a new essay by Ditko soon, titled "The Ever Unreachable". Ordering info on the many Ditko/Snyder co-publications (including the previously announced upcoming A DITKO ACT TWO) and the newsletter are over here, as usual.

What If? Classic v6 from Marvel will feature the short 7-page back-up Ditko drew for #35 of the series, "And Thus Are Born The Cat People".

Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales To Astonish Vol. 3 continues reprinting that series, with a Ditko 5-pager in each of the 10 issues (notable in this run are "It Happened on the Silent Screen" and "Dream World").

The softcover volumes meanwhile have some classic material in Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man v3.

Dark Horse's Creepy Archives will presumably have some more reprints of reprints in volume 6.

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